What's new in Webflow Conf 2023: In-depth exploration of new features

Alexandre Teillet

Since its creation, Webflow has always been at the forefront of innovation in web design. During the Webflow Conference 2023, significant updates have been announced, introducing groundbreaking features that promise to transform the way professionals and hobbyists approach web design.

A new logo for Webflow

After years and years without rebranding Webflow announces its new logo and a new product design for its entire user interface. A new logo that is much more square with the idea of representing blocks of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Webflow logo
New Webflow logo

Great 3D News: Total Immersion with Spline

3D, with Tools Like Spline, revolutionized the web design landscape, transforming formerly flat interfaces into dynamic, multi-dimensional worlds. This evolution is not only aesthetic; it is redefining user interaction and engagement. Recognizing the importance of this strategy, Webflow partnered with Spline, the leader in 3D design. Thanks to this collaboration, designers can now effortlessly integrate 3D elements directly into their Webflow projects. Visualize a site where each product comes to life, rotating to reveal every detail, or animations that transform abstract ideas into tangible, interactive realities. It's the magic of 3D, amplified by the power of Webflow and Spline.

Intégration de l'outil spline dans Webflow
Integrating the Spline Tool into Webflow

Webflow Localization: A Gateway to the World

In our era of globalization, reaching your audience in your own language is more than an asset, it's a necessity. Webflow, aware of this reality, has introduced a localization feature that transcends the simple notion of translation. It's not just about converting words, but about reshaping the user experience according to their culture and expectations.

With this new feature, every detail of the site, whether content, design, or interactivity, can be adapted to specifically resonate with a region or cultural group. Imagine a site that, beyond language, adapts its visuals, cultural references and even its layout according to who visits it. This is the promise of localization according to Webflow: total, respectful and relevant immersion for each visitor, wherever they are in the world.

Webflow Localisation, nouveau plugin multiangue
Multi-language functionality, Webflow localization

Variables: The Magic of Coherent Design

Just as Figma revolutionized design with the use of variables to ensure the coherence of visual elements, Webflow is taking a similar path for web design. Instead of delving into repetitive configurations, like manually adjusting colors or fonts for each element, designers can now define variables, just as they would in Figma. This approach does not only ensure visual consistency across the site, but it also makes the design process more fluid and intuitive. In short, it's like having the power of Figma variables directly integrated into Webflow, merging the best of both worlds for an optimal design experience.

Webflow variable
The new Webflow Variable that reminds us of the novelty of figma

Custom CSS Properties: A Higher Level of Customization

Each designer has encountered situations where the default style options were not enough. Webflow addresses this problem by introducing custom CSS properties. This gives designers the freedom to define their own properties, offering unprecedented flexibility.

Enhanced Components: Modularity and Flexibility

In the world of web design, components are comparable to the bricks in building a building. They are the fundamental elements that, when put together, form the overall structure of a site. Webflow, always looking for innovation, has redesigned and improved these essential elements.

With the recent updates, Webflow components are no longer simple static blocks. They are now equipped with increased power and flexibility, allowing for further customization. The introduction of “slots” is particularly remarkable. These spaces defined within the components allow designers to insert specific content while maintaining the integrity and coherence of the overall design.

In addition, these improvements facilitate the reuse of components. Instead of recreating an element every time it's needed, designers can simply use an existing component, customize it through “slots”, and adapt it to different contexts. This not only speeds up the design process, but also ensures a consistent user experience across the site.

Mise à jour des Webflow Componnents
Webflow Components Update

The Webflow Ecosystem: Bigger, Stronger

The Webflow application ecosystem has grown significantly. The new integrations, Webflow Apps, with popular tools like HubSpot and Unsplash Mean that designers can now incorporate a wider range of features directly into their Webflow sites.

Collaboration: The Key to Success

In the vast universe of web design, collaboration is not only desirable, it is indispensable. A successful web project is often the result of a synergy between different experts: designers, developers, editors and other stakeholders. Webflow, aware of this dynamic, has strengthened its tools to facilitate these interactions.

With Webflow's recent innovations in collaboration, the design process has become more interactive and integrated. Take feedback as an example: instead of relying on external tools or endless email exchanges, teams can now leave feedback directly on the design in real time. This allows for instant communication, where feedback is directly linked to the elements concerned, eliminating misunderstandings and speeding up iterations.

Publishing workflows, on the other hand, introduce structure to the publishing process. Rather than navigating blindly, teams can now define clear steps from design to production, ensuring that each member is in sync and that the project is progressing in a consistent manner.

In short, Webflow doesn't just facilitate collaboration; it redefines it. By integrating communication and project management tools directly into the platform, Webflow ensures that every voice is heard, that every idea is considered, and that the final product is truly a reflection of a collective vision.

la collaboration sur Webflow
New Collaboration Mode on Webflow

Conclusion of Webflow Conference 2023

Webflow Conf 2023 marked a major step in the evolution of Webflow. With these new features, Webflow continues to set the standard in web design. For designers and developers, there has never been a better time to be in the Webflow ecosystem.