Conversion Rate Optimization: An Informed Approach

Alexandre Teillet
Webflow tips

Creating an engaging website to attract visitors is a great starting point in the marketing world. However, this is only a preliminary step. To truly grow your business and strengthen your brand, you need to convert these visitors into customers. So how do you encourage them to stay on your site and engage with your brand? The Internet is full of distractions, it's an undeniable fact! In this insightful guide, we'll share some tips for keeping prospects interested and getting the most out of your online presence with Mekaa.


1. Facilitating Navigation: The Art of Guidance

Imagine yourself on a website with complex ergonomics... You would be tempted to leave, wouldn't you? You are not alone in this case, as a recent survey revealed that 94% of Internet users consider ease of navigation to be the most important aspect of a website. To convert visitors into customers, you must therefore ensure that your site is easy to use.

First, think about how to group your products and services together. Take the example of a fashion website where categories such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, and bags can be considered. Remember to include a search bar to allow visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Of course, take inspiration from other websites to gather ideas, but avoid blatantly copying them.

2. Using Live Chat: The Power of Instant Interaction

Live chat is a popular feature on the most successful business websites. It can increase your chances of converting visitors into customers by up to 45%. By engaging in a conversation with visitors, you help them find what they need quickly. So, you create an effective sales funnel to turn visitors into happy customers.


3. Giving Free Benefits: A Winning Strategy

Giving visitors free gifts is a proven way to get their information while making them appreciate your brand. Around 84% of marketers use online forms to gather customer contact information in exchange for rewards. You can offer free e-books, discounts, access to exclusive articles, the chance to win a prize, a quiz, or a free demo. Once you have lots of prospects, you can start communicating with them through emails, phone calls, or any other appropriate means.

4. Use Exit Pop-Ups: The Subtle Feedback

Exit pop-ups are messages that pop up when you're about to leave a page. They have the power to hold the attention of visitors. With Mekaa, you can easily integrate exit pop-ups that can increase your conversions by up to 10%. Use them to display social media links, newsletter signup forms, discounts, or exclusive content offers. Be kind to prospects and don't use pushy words.

5. Honesty with your Prospects: The Foundation of Trust

Some companies use subterfuges by offering free trials that engage customers in offers they don't want. This can seriously damage your brand reputation. Instead, opt for offering great products and services that will truly satisfy your customers. This approach will allow you to establish trust and retain your customers over the long term.

6. Make Your Website Attractive: Aesthetics at the Service of Trust

Did you know that 75% of trust in a website is determined by how it looks? So beautify your website with elegant images and colors that are pleasing to the eye.


7. Use Inactivity Pop-Ups: Wake Their Attention

If visitors stop using your website, you can relaunch them using inactive pop-ups. Add sound and a special offer to rekindle their interest in your products and services.


8. Create Outstanding Calls to Action (CTAs): The Art of Solicitation

Your CTA should be short, clear, and easy to find. Use a bright color or bold font for the CTA button. Keep the area around the CTA clean and uncluttered. This approach can increase your conversion rate by over 230%!


9. Add Testimonials to Your Landing Pages: The Voice of Customers

Testimonials build trust in your brand and differentiate it from the competition. Use authentic testimonials from social media, Google reviews, or other trustworthy sources. Correct any spelling mistakes, but don't change the meaning of the testimonials.

With Mekaa, the creation of efficient websites becomes a reality. Fast, secure and converting visitors into customers, these sites are real assets for your business. By applying these valuable tips, you will optimize your online presence and boost your business!